Songs from the Obernewtyn Chronicles

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Chapter 8

Written for the Pilgimage to Obernewtyn transport competition in Moonfair 2010. Tied 1st place.

Ariel's Helicopter

The Beforetimers loved their steel machines
Some allowing them to fly
To the moon and to the stars
Or simply through the sky

This machine I found and have repaired
(With no little skill)
Is that they once called Helicopter
Fly now with me, if you will

With beating blades we lift above
The land and those it holds
Diminishing as we soar far past
Stream ribbons and hill folds

Above the mountains, sharpened peaks
Cold with ice and snow
Above the marsh- and forest-lands
Coating the ground below

In that bowl of blue, the sky above
Where only birds now roam
Those vast and airy reaches
Feathered beasts call home

Now I join them in their realm
High above the earth
Taking my rightful place above
Those of lesser worth

The Beforetimers failed, their time is past
I now rise where once they fell
Who is your guide? You may well ask
My name, is Ariel
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