Faith of the Heart

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Chapter 1

Hannah has long been trying to focus on enjoying ordinary things. Maybe it is silly but she finds herself looking through all the images she has of home - no matter how mundane or ordinary. Looking at advertisements, vids and botanical samples.

It's hard not to plan for a journey home, she finds and focusing on the small details helps her to forget that there isn't going to be a home to return to or a way to get there. So she looks at silly things (not people, never people) and tries to be as brave as the others think her to be.

She likes to see the lines on Jacobs face as well. Evidence of life. He has given himself the burden of her knowledge freely but sometimes, sometimes it still stings that she has done this to him.

It is worse somehow, when it comes to Cassy. Even though she has prepared her as best as she is able a part of Hannah still rails against the future of this brilliant, sharp girl. Just as Hannah rails against the burden she will place on the Seeker who will be. What will it do, she thinks, to have given a child such a quest. Perhaps if she was a better seer she would be above it all, Hannah thinks, but she is not and she wants, desperately to change what will be.

They wait now, at Obernewtyn, her and Jacob. And she has still not told him all. Perhaps that is her last weakness, but she wants this last time of peace before the radiation begins to fall and the world is entirely changed.
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