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I sensed a ripple in the fabric of the cat's unconscious mind. I knew I was inside his dreams. I went deeper still. I whispered his name...

Elspeth Gordie – possessed of extraordinary mental powers – is the leader of a guild in the Misfit community at Obernewtyn. Yet despite Obernewtyn's remote position in the high mountains, the Council threatens the safety of their refuge, so they decide they must travel to the Council's territory. But in the midst of plans to find a powerful Misfit in a distant part of the Land, it is foreseen that the fate of Obernewtyn is inextricably bound up in their quest.

* Portuguese language version


Reviews / Recommendations The Farseekers review by Nef. Some books leave such an impression on you that you will recall not only when you read the story, but the whole experience of discovering and acquiring the book. The Farseekers is one of those books for me. I can pinpoint the exact time and place I bought this book. It was this quaint bookshop in the middle-east (before the advent of super-bookshops, and this was one of the few English-language bookshops in the country). It was early December 1996... Read On... A chapter-by-chapter review of each Obernewtyn Chronicles, on Daniel Is Reading by pizzagreen. I honestly am not sure when I first read Obernewtyn, I know it was sometime after the release of The Stone Key, or around that time, so sometime 2008. One of my friends had read it, and she was recommended by our teacher librarian to read it. I soon followed, and ended up reading The Stone Key before she did. We both loved the series, and discussed a few theories, and kept track of the developments with The Sending. Read on...

Obernewtyn Chronicles Review (Books 1-3) by InkAshlings
Hi everyone! I am finally back from my holiday hiatus which was much needed and great fun! So now it’s time for the book review someone way back when said they were interested in reading… Australian author Isobelle Carmody’s Obernewtyn Chronicles... Read On...

"The special powers, the otherworld setting, the mystical creatures and the vast threatening forces interweave powerfully to create a rich and resonating fantasy." ~ Jenni Connor, Magpies, on Obernewtyn "Carmody's tale of heroism and courage in the face of persecution blends graceful storytelling with appealing characters." ~ Library Journal Purchase The Farseekers online:
Published: Australia: 1990 - Penguin (Viking) 1991 - Royal Blind Society (audiobook) (narrated by: Christine Jeffery) 1993 - Penguin (Puffin) 1994 - Penguin 2007 - Penguin UK: 1994 - Point SF [Out of Print] 2010 - Bloomsbury US & Canada: 2000 - Tor [Out of Print] 2003 - Starscape 2008 - Random House Portugal: 2009 - Bertrand Editora [as Elspeth - Os Libertadores do Pensamento] (translated by: Ana Neto)

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