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"There was a great crash and wood splintered... I had a brief glimpse of a group of Herder priests, bald and robed, peering at me, and then the sundered remnants of the locker door were torn aside and a rough hand reached in to haul me out by the hair. A Hedra captain stared into my face with eyes that burned with a fanatical fire above a thin nose and a lipless slash of a mouth...

'You will die in great pain and very slowly, mutant,' said the Hedra master."

When Farseeker Guildmistress Elspeth Gordie sets out from Obernewtyn to travel to Sutrium at the end of wintertime, she quickly learns that not everyone welcomes the changes brought about by the rebellion. Captured by an old and vicious enemy, she is drawn deep into the heart of the Herder Faction, where she learns of a terrible plot to destroy the west coast.
To stop it, Elspeth must risk everything, knowing that if she dies, she will never complete her quest to find the weaponmachines that destroyed the Beforetime.

But if she succeeds, her journey will lead her to the last of the signs left for her by the seer Kasanda...


Reviews / Recommendations A chapter-by-chapter review of each Obernewtyn Chronicles, on Daniel Is Reading by pizzagreen. I honestly am not sure when I first read Obernewtyn, I know it was sometime after the release of The Stone Key, or around that time, so sometime 2008. One of my friends had read it, and she was recommended by our teacher librarian to read it. I soon followed, and ended up reading The Stone Key before she did. We both loved the series, and discussed a few theories, and kept track of the developments with The Sending. Read on...

"Engaging characters, pacing, and plots." ~ Publishers Weekly Purchase The Stone Key online: Note: Be aware when purchasing The Stone Key that some book sellers will list it as Book 6! To purchase the 1000 page edition of The Stone Key, ensure you check with the book seller before purchasing that you are buying the Australian (published by Penguin) edition!
Published: Australia: 2008 - Penguin US & Canada: 2008 - Random House [divided into two books: Wavesong and The Stone Key] UK: 2011 - Bloomsbury [divided into two books: Wavesong and The Stone Key]

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