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An engrossing collection of stories from one of Australia's most loved fantasy writers, and creator of the acclaimed Obernewtyn Chronicles.

A girl is sent across the world to discover her destiny in the dark tunnels of the Metro. Another seeks a lost sister in a park where winter lasts forever. A young man fulfils a dying wish. A mother works magic to summon a true princess for her son. A man seeks an ending to his story. An old man goes in search of his shadow.
This is a world of desire and transformation, the real and the not real, from the queen of modern fantasy.

Offering glimpses into a world we inhabit and recognise but with fantastical elements, Metro Winds takes us on a journey of desire and transformation. Generations of readers have grown up reading Isobelle Carmody’s stories. This book is for those who did not grow out of their love of enchantment.


...So there was a girl. Young but not too young. A face as unformed as an egg, so that one could not tell if she would turn out to be fair or astonishingly ugly. She was to be sent to a city in another land by a mother and father in the midst of a divorce. The one thing they could agree upon was that the girl should not be exposed to the violence they meant to commit on their life. There was a quality in her that made it impossible to do the ravening that the end of love required...
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Metro Winds is beloved Australian fantasy author, Isobelle Carmody’s second major short story outing. A collection of 6 short stories, unified by common themes of travel, metamorphosis, identity, love, loss and transformation, this collection is an adult read for those who like their realism with a dash of fantasy, and their speculative fiction, literary... Read On...

Metro Winds review by TheBookSnitch
Although there are subtle differences between place and style, the stories in Metro Winds explore the archetype of the quest through the lens of speculative fiction... Read On...

Fiction Pick of the Week: Metro Winds by Cameron Woodhead Isobelle Carmody writes superior fantasy, from the lush world creation in the Obernewtyn Chronicles to her limpid and arresting short stories, which to my mind are more perfect and in some ways more ambitious. Metro Winds contains six short fantasy works, most poetic and accomplished visions of a world of ideas springing from prosaic real-world situations. In the title story, a young girl is sent to live with her aunt while her parents divorce. Encountering strange sights, the girl is drawn into rarefied existence most cannot see. Other tales run from the fable-like The Man Who Lost His Shadow to the mini-novella The Wolf Prince, the closest the collection comes to immersive, epic fantasy without a real-world palimpsest. Carmody is one of our better-known fantasy writers and her short stories are enchanted by a swift, richly descriptive but economical prose style. It's a must for those with an interest in the literary end of fantasy fiction. Purchase Metro Winds online:
Published: Australia: 2012 - Allen & Unwin

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