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Rilka is the youngest child and only daughter of Maeve and Poverin of Fomhika. Her age is uncertain, but she is estimated to be about twelve.

She has so far had only a minor role to play in the novels, first appearing in Darkfall at the revel on Fomhika, where she speaks against the Draaka in defense of Darkfall. Although she is eluded to elsewhere in the novels, we do not meet her directly again until part way through Darksong, when she is overheard speaking to Donard by Kerd and Glynn, and again later when Glynn arrives at the Baker's. It is not know exactly what role Rilka plays in the shadow network, if any at all, since she tells us only that Donard was forced to take her into his confidence.

Rilka was almost certainly rescued by Ronaall prior to the beginning of the Legendsong.

Quote; “'Rilka, you are a child and you would believe any foolery. You thought you were saved from drowning by a Vespari demon last season!' ...' It was not a man, but it was not a Demon either who saved me,' ” (pp 450-451)

It is not known why Ronaall saved her, however it may indicate that she has a significant role to play in Darkbane, as we are told in the last segue of Darkfall that there is always a price to pay for interfering. This is possibly linked an allusion made on pg 619 of Darksong that something significant will happen concerning Rilka and Donard.

Quote; (p 619) When Anyi came back she told him about overhearing Donard and Rilka in the palace gardens. Feyt arrived in time to hear as well and said, frowning, that it was a pity Glynn had not remembered to tell this to Alene. That made Glynn wonder if Alene had seen something in her weavings about the Fomhikans.

Anyi mentions at the end of Darkfall that Rilka would make the best Chieftain of any of her siblings because she is both clever and kind. This was demonstrated when she was overheard by Glynn and Kerd in Darksong as she speaks as the voice of reason to calm her brother.
Despite our lack of knowledge about her, all signs seem to point towards her becoming a character of great significance in Darkbane.
Age: about twelve
Position: Youngest of Poverin's children
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