Holland, Sean

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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Zieria. "Oh there was so much locked up in this almost-man, so much potential and brightness, and yet here he sat, grieving for a boy he hardly knew and for the world that had brought him to such a sad, quiet end." (Ronaall, Darksong, p 655) Sean has red hair, and is described as having a pale intense face with dreaming eyes and a strong chin: 'It had been as if a battered angel had wandered into the hospice, whose touch and voice would succeed where medical science had failed.' (Darksong, p 655) Sean is a youth who used to live next door to Glynn and Ember and their parents. He regularly skips school, and hides out in his treehouse with his flock of pigeons: "…he loved watching them explode into the sky in a whirling cloud. Owning them was like owning the wind." (Darkfall, p 316) In Darksong, his thoughts reveal that he has stopped going to school altogether. Sean is known as Birdman at school because of his gaol bird father. His mother embarrasses him, as she always tells everyone her life story as soon as she meets them, and loves knowing everything about everyone. He feels distanced from her because she cannot see the darkness of the world. His mother dismisses him as a dreamer, like his father. Ronaall also identifies Sean as a dreamer, but sees it differently: "In another world, the boy would have been a great spiritual leader, but he dwelt in a world that ignored its dreams, and the possible futures swirling around him were limited and bleak." (Darkfall, p 317) Ronaall reflects that only a single path of all those possible will allow the Song to shape him. Shadow is one of Sean's few friends, although they aren't very close. Sean is drawn to the hospice where Shadow lies in a coma; his compassion for Shadow and the feelings inspired by his pigeons allow the Song to exist in him. In Darksong, Ember has a dream in which Sean is revealed to be part of a gang of youths led by the beautiful but cruel Billy. Billy is planning to steal a cash drop from an underworld drug dealer known as Scorpion. Despite Sean's loyalty to Billy, he can't help the feeling that he should be fighting against him. Billy tells Sean to choose which side he's on. Ember realises that she has just seen a turning point in his life, and one that will affect all the future moments in his life, and the lives of others as well.
Age: Not specified, but his situation would suggest around 15-17.
Talents: Sean has the ability to sense the nature of the nexus, and the Song in him makes him sensitive to emotions flowing along the web of connections binding his world and Keltor.
Notes: Sean bears a distinct similarity to a character in Alyzon Whitestarr, a man who used to wag school and kept a flock of pigeons. The man is working in a café, and has a life that is going nowhere, with a wife who never understood his dreams and wouldn't let him keep his pigeons.
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