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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Arwen.

Analivia is the estranged daughter of the former head of Council, Radost, sister to Moss and Bergold (p82, 2007 The Keeping Place). Some of the misfits of Obernewtyn encounter her on their way to Tor when they stop by a spring for a rest. She has 'cropped yellow hair' (p136, 2007 TKP), is tall and has piercing blue eyes (p30, 2008 TSK). She is a bright young woman and helps her brother Bergold in Guanette where she was sent by her father. She seemed to be cheerful, amused by Elspeth’s comment about drinking tea, and gave Elspeth a mischievous look before the misfits went on their way.

During the rebellion, when Bergold’s Councilman’s holdings were taken over Analivia was out, most likely with a woman who lived outside of town and was near to giving birth (p545, 2007 TKP).

In The Stone Key, Analivia follows Elspeth to the cul-de-sac where Malik betrayed the misfits. When Elspeth went out a probe to locate anyone following her she found no one. Analivia startles her when she speaks. She explains to Elspeth that she has a knack of being able to stop herself being seen, because when she had grown up it was wiser to be invisible, as her father was brutal and oppressive. Radost had killed her mother during an argument about Bergold, and he and Moss had mistreated her. She is curious about the teknoguild's interest in the past and their site at Newrome, and the misfits survival; ‘survival interests me’ (p32, 2008 TSK). She prayed for years that the rebellion would occur.
Age: Uncertain, but she is a grown woman, though it appears she is still a young lady.
Position: Estranged daughter of Radost who was the head of the Council. After the rebellion it can be theorised that she continues to live with Bergold.
Talents: She has a knack of being able to stop herself being seen. This is yet to be fully explained; it's unsure if she's actually a misfit or just someone good at hiding.
Notes: The name 'Analivia' is a combination of 'Ana' (Latin, meaning 'gracious') and 'Olivia' (Latin, meaning 'peace of the olive tree').
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