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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Arwen.

Aras is a young Farseeker novice when we are first introduced to her in Ashling, with dark curls (p34, 2007 Ashling). She comes up with a new mindmerge that allows the Farseekers to farseek over virtually any distance (p33, 2007 Ashling). She describes herself as follows:

"I’m not so good at doing things as I am at thinking them up" (p34, 2007 Ashling).

She is among the large number of misfits who regard Elspeth with reverence since her mysterious return at the end of The Farseekers.

In The Keeping Place, Aras is still at work on the new mindmerge, now known as whiplash, a year after she first came up with the theory. She is described as a "brilliant theoretician" by Elspeth. She dedicates most of her time to getting whiplash to work, in particular practicing with Zarak who was having difficulties due to his jealousy over Aras being considered for wardship. When Elspeth proposed the idea to her she refused, suggesting Zarak instead. Come moonfair morning, Aras, along with Twyna, has the honour of bringing Elspeth her special firstmeal. Later in the evening she and Zarak are promoted to the rank of ward, the position that was previously held by Matthew (p309, 2007 TKP).

Together with Zarak she runs the Farseekers guild whilst Ceirwan is away at Sutrium and Elspeth is with Gevan at a rebel meeting (p407, 2007 TKP). Her whiplash mindmerge is successful and as the misfits take part in the rebellion they use it to communicate from one end of the land to another, with Zarak playing messenger over the Suggredoon River.

Aras is one of the misfits who take part in Malik’s treacherous decoy. She survives, having only been hit by an arrow in the thigh. When Elspeth and a number of other misfits travel on to Sutrium, Aras travels back to Obernewtyn with the injured and the gypsies.

In The Stone Key she remains at Obernewtyn with Ceirwan whilst Elspeth and Zarak travel to Saithwold.
Age: Aras’ age is undetermined, though we know that she is young and described as a girl (p33, 2007 Ashling).
Position: Aras shares joint wardship of the Farseekers guild with Zarak.
Talents: Aras is a Farseeker and coercer, though neither of her powers are great (p76, 2007 TKP).
Notes: The name 'Aras' is of Lithuanian origins and means 'eagle'.
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