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Blyss is an empath and was among the group of misfits sent to Serba’s group in Port Oran in The Keeping Place during the rebellion, though she is not mentioned by name until Serba and Zarak arrive in Sutrium with news of disaster (TKP, pg 599). She had become agitated during the last rebel leaders meeting of the west coast before the rebellion took place, claiming that they were in danger, having sensed the soldierguards approaching in demon bands. She, Serba and Merret stepped out of the room to speak of this. they ran back to the main room when the slaughter began before fleeing from the building by jumping from roof to roof, then losing themselves in the crowd that had gathered to investigate the disturbance. Blyss and Merret separated from Serba to warn the other misfits on the west coast. They never showed up afterwards when they were supposed to meet back up with Serba.

In The Stone Key (pg. 211) Dameon tells Elspeth about a dream a misfit had about Blyss and Merret, where they had been waiting outside a coastal city for a message from Gwynedd.

When Elspeth contacts Merret (TSK, pg. 565) she learns that Blyss is in Aborium. Blyss, with Merret and the coercer-knight Orys meet Elspeth outside Halfmoon Bay to escort her and Domick to the Beforetime ruins (TSK, pg. 621).

When Blyss had left Obernewtyn for the west coast has had been a fragile child. In The Stone Key she is described as ‘a lissom, blonde beauty with pale gold hair that was cropped short so that it flew about her head like pale feathers’, in curls (TSK, pg. 621 and 644). She is shy as she asks Elspeth for news of Obernewtyn, and has missed the refuge dearly.

Though she is ‘no true healer, such as Kella is’ as she describes herself (TSK, pg. 629), Blyss has turned to healing since the isolation of the west coast, with her own basic healer’s kit. She takes on the role of monitoring Domick’s condition as they are travelling.

At Domick’s funeral Blyss recounts the story of how she, Zarak and Mira were caught in some minor misbehaviour by Domick, and her terror when he had announced that they would be facing a full guildmerge for their transgressions (TSK, pg. 742).

Blyss rides with Rushton, Dardelan, Merret, Jak and Gwynedd’s men to meet with Gwynedd in Aborium (TSK, pg. 749). Blyss was riveted on the rebel meeting to elect west coast leader, watching with great interest. Elspeth was going to talk to her about Rushton but the Umborine departed before she got the chance. She remains on the west coast with Merret and the other misfits.
Age: When Blyss left for the west coast she was a fragile child, but between the time she left and the time Elspeth arrives on the west coast she has grown into a young and confident lady.
Position: Blyss is an empath of the Empath Guild, who travelled to the west coast for the rebellion. During the time she and the other misfits are trapped there, a bond grows between them all and she never goes anywhere without Merret.
Talents: Empathy, and according to Dell (though Blyss has not said so) real healing abilities.
Notes: 'Blyss' is derived from the English name 'Bliss/Bliths', meaning 'joy'.
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