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Description: Dameon was the son of a Councilman (though we're yet to find out which), and was denounced by a jealous cousin when Dameon looked to inherit his father's fortune, pre-Obernewtyn. He's blind - we aren't told if he was born that way, or if his blindness was the result of some accident. Dameon is often said to be Rushton's conscience. Unfortunately for Dameon, he is in love with Elspeth (straight from IC, Darksong launch 2003!), and must keep a constant mental block up around her. Elspeth is unaware of his feelings, and considers Dameon one of her closest friends. Dameon remained in Sador at the end of Ashling and the Battlegames as Obernewtyn's emissary (and because Elspeth chose Rushton), and was initiated into the Sadorian tribes at the beginning of The Keeping Place and given the name 'Asura'. Portrait of Dameon WIP, by Threebirds Portrait of Dameon WIP, by Threebirds
Position: Empath Guildmaster
Talents: Empathy
Notes: The name 'Dameon' possibly from the Greek 'Daemon', a guardian spirit of mythology, or the Greek 'Damian', meaning 'tame'.
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