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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Arwen.

In The Keeping Place Dell is the Futuretell guilden. She came up with the suggestion that each guild keep its own dreambook so that the futuretellers have a more accurate dreamscape. Dell is seen to be sitting with a healer and the farseeker Sarn’s sickly grandaughter in Healer Hall (TKP pg 87). Her presence indicated that things were not going well for the baby.

Dell was sitting with Angina whilst he played music for Dragon in an attempt to calm her. When Elspeth sees the aura’s of the people sitting with Dragon, Dell’s aura is a very pure blue-white aura that reminded her of moonlight on snow or sea foam at night. Dell and Maryon embroidered a shawl for Elspeth for moon fair, depicting a panther, a black horse, a white pony, a dark dog and a white one, three wolves and a dragon. The design came to Maryon in a trance. Dell calls Elspeth ‘ElspethInnle’ and she dreamed of her walking with a great horde of animals into the deepest Blacklands (TKP pg 246). She and Maryon promise not to tell anyone that Elspeth truly is the Innle of beast legends, and promise not to question her either. Dell retells the story of the Battlegames during moon fair and unfurls the Futuretell guild’s annual gift, a tapestry, depicting the Battlegames.

Maryon foretells that Dell will go to the west coast as a part of the rebellion but refuses to tell anyone why. Jak leads the group that will set up a refuge in the Beforetime ruins, Dell being a part of this group. Dell foresees treachery directly related to the west coast, separate from Malik’s.

Despite being cut off from Obernewtyn the west coast Misfits know much that has happened because of Dell’s futuretellings. Dell foretells about Domick’s situation and sends Orys and Blyss to ride with Merret to Port Oran and escort Elspeth and Domick to the ruins where Jak can care for him. She told Blyss that they must camp at dusk to avoid being discovered by a troop of Hedra searching for Elspeth. The west coast Misfits had been dreaming about Matthew, and Dell says that he waits for Dragon. Elspeth confirms this and speaks of what she learnt in Dragon’s mind for the first time.

Dell believes that the library in the ruins was just to conceal the building’s true purpose, that the levels beneath were intended to house people in an emergency. Dell now wears blue trews of the like Elspeth has never seen before and enormous black boots instead of the traditional beautifully dyed sweeping gowns and tunics favoured by the Futuretell guild, and her hair is now cut very short. She is described as lean (TSK pg 650). Contrary to Elspeth thoughts that Jak or Merret leads the west coast Misfits it is Dell who leads them.

Dell spoke Ines’ name and woke her, and talks to her as if she is alive, learning from her and teaching her. Dell hopes that by interacting with Ines for long enough Ines will allow the Misfits access to deeper programs containing more information on the Beforetime and access to other levels that require code words or key phrases to enter. Dell has taken to enjoying cooking and spends most of her time in the Sanctuary. She laughs more than she did at Obernewtyn and tells Elspeth that even if she can go back to Obernewtyn she will not as she has found a true purpose for her life with Ines. She has decided to do what she wants with her life rather than just being what she is. She thinks that Maryon foresaw that she would find herself and didn’t say anything.

Dell calls Elspeth change-bringer, saying that the choices Elspeth make lead to change for everyone else, but that it is not something she chose. Dell goes into a trance and tells Elspeth that when she leaves this place they will not meet again and that before next wintertime ends Elspeth will bid farewell to all that she loves and journey over land and sea to face the beast.

Dell foresaw that if Gwynedd were to make careful plans for the aftermath of the west coast rebellion involving representatives of all the cities and avoiding general war and striving at all costs to avoid loss of life he would become a king. Dell advises Elspeth to speak to Blyss about Rushton. Dell foresaw Jak and Seely’s return, which means that the pair will survive to return to the west coast.
Position: Futuretell guilden in The Keeping Place and The Stone Key, leader of the west coast Misfits.
Talents: Futuretelling
Notes: 'Dell' is an English name meaning 'one who lives in a dell or valley'.
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