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Description: Ex-Coercer Ward with strong coercive talent and farseeking abilities. Was one of the original Misfits loyal to Rushton (with Roland, Gevan, Maryon and Alad) and found Elspeth in the hut at the end of Obernewtyn.

Travelled with Elspeth and co. in Farseekers to find Dragon with the intention to leave for Sutrium and establish a Safehouse. Had a 'thing' for Kella that turned into a bonding somewhere around end-Farseekers - beginning-Ashling. Moved to the Sutrium safehouse with Kella to spy for Brydda and Rushton, and took a job with the Council by the name of 'Mika'.

In Ashling, the finer points of his new job, and any possible promotions that came with it, fell under scrutiny and still haven't been resolved. He changed, physically and emotionally, pushing Kella away and renouncing his position at Obernewtyn at the beginning of The Keeping Place, stating that:
"It would be like a lamb declaring to a herd of savage wolves that he was a pacifist. What do the wolves care, for he was never any danger to them!" - The Keeping Place, p27

Rushton left for Sutrium at the beginning of The Keeping Place to bring Domick back. Isobelle (BWF 2000) revealed that it was obvious that Domick had something to do with Rushton's kidnapping.

Throughout The Keeping Place his whereabouts are a mystery, but he appeared in one of Elspeth's dreams for a fleeting moment declaring "I am no torturer".
Position: Used to be the Coercer Ward (until he resigned in The Keeping Place)
Talents: Coercing, Farseeking
Notes: 'Domick' looks to be the Eastern European (either Czech, Polish or Russian) variant of the English 'Dominic', meaning 'of the Lord'.
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