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"Dragon" by Jeani
Dragon is a member of the Empath Guild, though her talent is an extremely powerful mixture of both Empathy and Coercion. She is also the lost Queen of the mysterious Redland. Dragon is found at the ruined library outside Aborium in Farseekers and is revealed to be the exceptionally strong mental talent that the Zebkrahn machine picked up at the beginning of the book when she tries to scare them away from the ruins by coercing apparitions of dragonish creatures. She has stunning red hair and blue eyes, and appears to be around 10, 11 years old, with the mind of a very frightened child. The name 'Mornir' was given to her by the beasts, who seem to have more of an understanding of her than anyone else. Dragon cannot remember where she comes from, or anything about her life, before the ruins near Aborium. She is petrified of water. Those at Obernewtyn realise that something terrible has happened in her past, and her forgetting is due to mind-blocks, hiding her memories until she is able to deal with them. She has a connection with Elspeth that convinces her to follow the troop when they leave the ruined library, and later grows to adore both Dameon and Matthew. Dragon's talent is used at the end of Farseekers to disguise Obernewtyn as a plague-ridden ruin, saving the community from a Soldierguard patrol. Unbeknownst to Elspeth and Matthew, Dragon follows them in Ashling to Sutrium (when they go to return Iriny to her people). Once Gahltha locates her in Sutrium, trailing them, her adoration for Matthew becomes very prominent, and his almost brutish annoyance in her being there doesn't deter her devotion. While trying to save some children in Sutrium, Elspeth fears she is about to use her talent publicly and knocks her out - sending Dragon into a coma...which she doesn't wake from until the end of The Keeping Place.

"DragonElf" by Estel
For most of The Keeping Place, Dragon is in a bed, in the Healer Hall at Obernewtyn, watched over by Maruman, (who curls himself up to sleep in her hair), Elspeth, Dameon, and lots of other members of the community. At the beginning of TKP, a lot of members of Oberewtyn are found to be having vivid dreams of their pasts, strange truedreams of Matthew, who was stolen by slavers at the end of Ashling. The end of the dreams they experience that involve Matthew are nightmarish, where a huge dragonish beast swoops on him and kills him. In Elspeth's dreams, the dragonish beast swoops on her. Maruman advises her that the beast is hunting her. It is revealed that Dragon is the cause of these nightmares in everybody. They realise this when Elspeth and a small party travel to Tor (Newrome), and sleep deeply and uninterrupted, once out of her range. To 'console the beast', they arrange for Angina to sit with her and play music to her constantly. This has a great effect and most members of Obernewtyn start to sleep normally again. During The Keeping Place we see a few scenes of the Redland that Dragon is destined to ruled, through truedreams Obernewtyn-ers experience under the influence of Dragon, about Matthew. The Redland is filled with slaves, Matthew and the Druid's people (including Gilaine) being part of the unfortunate mass. Upon seeing a carving on a wall depicting the Red Queen, Matthew realises it is Dragon.

"Matthew and Dragon" by Estel
(Gilaine) “(it) Is the lost Queen of the people who once ruled here. Those who rule now are puppets for their Gadfian masters”... “Many say the Red Queen will rise again when it is time to drive the invaders out, and she will bring with her the lost scepter so that her people will know her.” p483, 1st edition TKP. While Matthew believes there are enough slaves to overcome the slavers straight away, everyone who he talks to about it says they refuse to move until the Red Queen has returned. Dragon remains unconscious, many speculating that she has retreated finally to her forgotten-past to deal with it. The part of her plaguing Obernewtyn's dreams are a defense covering the hurt part of her mind. Elspeth (with Maruman) finally goes onto the dreamtrails and scales the walls in Dragon's mind herself, when she learns that Dragon has taken Rushton's tortured mind with her, and she witnesses Dragon's forgotten past for herself. Dragon's mother was murdered by her Gatekeeper when Dragon was 5 years old. Dragon, the Bear that represents Rushton's mind, and Elspeth escape to the ocean, and a group of ship-fish (dolphins) carry Dragon to safety. This wakes Dragon from her coma. Her mind has regressed, however, to the wild, child-like state that they found her in at the ruined library. She despises Elspeth, but Dameon is able to soothe her somewhat. (Swallow) “It is rumoured among us that on the day they parted, the D'rekta told the Red Queen that as long as one of her blood ruled, her land would enjoy enlightened peace and plenty.” p703 1st edition TKP. For the majority of The Stone Key, Dragon has disappeared. Elspeth is almost guiltily relieved, as she cannot stand the looks of utter hatred that Dragon sends her whenever they are in proximity. Nobody knows where she has disappeared to, and while it doesn't appear to bother any of the characters too much in TSK, it's a matter that's concerned readers quite a bit (see “Where is Dragon?”).
Age: 10-11 in Farseekers when we first meet her.
Position: Dragon is the lost Red Queen of legend, rightful ruler of the Redland.
Talents: Strong Coercion, strong Empathy. She also has the ability to invade others dreams (though this could be part of the coercion/empathy mix). Beastspeaking – as she quite often goes to Obernewtyn's farms to talk with her beast friends.
Notes: I know her name was given to her because of her Dragon-ish apparitions but the Serbian-Croatian name 'Dragan' means 'precious'.
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