Druid, Gilaine

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Gilaine Druid is the daughter of the renegade Herder Henry Druid. The resemblance between her and her twin sister Erin is obvious, though Gilaine ‘wore her long, ashen tresses loose about her shoulders’ (The Farseekers, pg 92). Her eyes are grey ‘as clouds with the sun behind them’ and her expressions were gentle and friendly.

Gilaine is not invited to the Druid’s nightmeal as she is flawed because of her muteness. She worked/helped out in the communal nursery at the Druid’s camp.

The first time Gilaine appears in the books is The Farseekers (pg. 92) when Emmon takes Elspeth to her house in the hope of honeyballs. From Gilaine Elspeth learns that it is the mind of a coercer baby that is blocking the misfits’ talents. When she is taken by Saul to a meeting she hears the tale of Gilaine and the others’ awakening to their talents. When Lidgebaby was born they were all woken in the night by his mental cry and realised what it meant, meeting outside the birthing house. This group consists of Gilaine, Saul, Jow, Daffyd, Peter and Michael. Lidgebaby likes Gilaine the most; she is the focus as the group absorbs the baby’s emanations to allow Elspeth to communicate with her friends.

She suggested that Elspeth and her friends remain until her group was to leave with Lidgebaby, but the others disagreed because of the danger to themselves and the baby.

Gilaine found out that Elspeth was to be bonded swiftly to the gatewarden Relward and sent Emmon to warn her. With the others, Gilaine constructs a way that Elspeth and her friends can escape with their help. Before Elspeth leaves she bids her farewell (The Farseekers, pg. 120).

When Daffyd returned to the camp from the lowlands, Gilaine tells him of Elspeth. She showed him how to think outside of Lidgebaby’s net like Elspeth showed her. Gilaine believed that Elspeth was a gypsy, as Elspeth did not tell her that she was from Obernewtyn so as to protect it. At the end of The Farseekers Daffyd is searching for any news of Gilaine and the others from the camp, as during the firestorm in the White Valley he lost track of them and became trapped at Obernewtyn when the pass froze. Though Maryon cannot get an exact reading on them as she had not met any of them, she thinks they are still alive (The Farseekers, pg. 305).

Gilaine and Daffyd are in love. Daffyd continues the search for her in Ashling. He learns that just a few days before the encampment was destroyed by the firestorm, Ariel spoke to the Druid. Ariel told him that the Council had learned of the camp and was coming to destroy it, and offered to lead the women and children to safety, away from the camp. Instead he sold them to Salamander as slaves (Ashling, pg. 413).

When the misfits at Obernewtyn dream of Matthew in the Land of the Red Queen, they have seen him comforting ‘a girl who had long moonpale hair and a sad face’ (TKP, pg. 279). This dream and one Elspeth has (TKP, pg. 482) indicate that Gilaine is a slave at the same place as Matthew. In Elspeth’s dream Gilaine is older than when they first met and half believes in the myths concerning the Red Queen and the Entina. She serves the ‘Masters’ with a woman named Bila.

She and Jow are friends with Matthew and support his desire to return to the Land. She dreams of Daffyd; these are most likely true dreams (TSK, pg. 137).
Age: Throughout the books she is referred to as a girl, so she is young though her exact age is unknown.
Position: Gilaine is the twin sister of Erin and daughter of Henry Druid, who was despised by him for her muteness. In the Land of the Red Queen she is a slave and attends the ‘Masters’ presumably the slavemasters who currently rule there.
Talents: Gilaine is a Farseeker with slight empath abilities (TKP, pg. 486).
Notes: The name 'Gilaine' could be from the Hebrew name 'Gilana' meaning 'eternal joy'.
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