Duprey, Cassandra

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Description: Was known by many names in her time. Cassandra and Cassy Duprey to Beforetimers. Kasanda to the Sadorian people. D'rekta to the Gypsies.

Cassy's life was one of struggle, spanning from the Beforetime, over the period of the Great White, into the Age of Chaos. Her father worked within a secret Govamen Institute in which she came across the Agyllian with the mind-voice of Atthis, who revealed to her she could speak to beasts and that there were others like her who needed help. It is presumed that Cassy was Hannah Seraphim's and the Reichler Clinic's spy, since she had access to the Govamen Institution for at least a time.

After the Great White, Cassy came to lead the Gypsies, becoming their first D'rekta. She took them to the Land of the Red Queen, being best friends with the first Red Queen and bonded to the Red Queen's brother. Cassy returned to the Land with some of the Gypsies just after her bondmate's death (which she predicted), but this union produced a son or daughter to continue leading the Gypsies.

Sometime after this when Cassy was getting on in years, she came to be a slave in New Gadfia - and defended women therein. She was rescued by the Sadorian people in a raid and taken to live in Sador, where she supposedly spent the rest of her life, setting up the signs for the Seeker to follow and teaching the Sadorians to heal themselves. Hence she had to have Futuretelling and some Healing ability.
Position: Kasanda; D'rekta of the gypsies at some time.
Talents: Beastspeaking. Some futuretelling, some healing.
Notes: The name Cassandra comes from Greek mythology and has long been associated with women who had the gift of 'second sight'. In Obernewtyn-terms, Futuretelling.

'Cassandra' was the daughter of Priam and Hecuba in mythology, who was given the power of prophecy by Apollo. She spurned his advances so he added the curse that her prophecies should not be believed.
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