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Description: Member of the Beasting Guild of Obernewtyn, mate to Avra. Name means 'leader' in beastspeech. Later revealed to be the Daywatcher (in Elspeth's Quest).

There was a mention of him in Obernewtyn, as a bitter black horse that wouldn't communicate when Elspeth was mucking out the stables.

In Farseekers, he bore Elspeth on the Journey to find Dragon, but was lost to the group when he refused to climb onto the raft after the escape from the Druid Encampment, too scared of the water. Gahltha despised himself after abandoning the expedition in The Farseekers, and for a time he went by the name 'galta', which means 'nothing' in beastspeech. Gahltha was angry toward all funaga in Farseekers until his reformation at the end of Farseekers, which made him understanding, and watch over Elspeth.

In Ashling he bore Elspeth almost constantly when she had to travel. In The Keeping Place, he spent much time with Avra, awaiting the birthing of their foal, and made a couple of appearances on the ashlings as a half-man, half-horse.
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