Gordie, Elspeth

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Description: Is the Seeker; 'Innle' in beast-language. Known as 'Elaria' and sometimes 'Elar' to the gypsies. She's been dubbed a figure of legends, said to do a number of things, the most important to: - Find the five signs, and beat the Destroyer to the weaponmachines in time to prevent a second Great White rising over the world. - Free the beasts from human dominance. There is too much to Elspeth's story to put here, and if you don't already know it by heart, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??? Get reading! Eyes: moss green - and somewhat sad, hence Brydda's naming 'little-sad-eyes'. Hair: long and black. Build: tall and thin. She's also in love with Rushton, though she took her time to admit it! Elspeth, by Sionainn Elspeth, by Sionainn
Age: Debatable. The general consensus is that she's 14 in Obernewtyn, 16 in Farseekers, 17 in Ashling, and between 17-18 in The Keeping Place. Isobelle (BWF 2000) stated that Elspeth doesn't have a definite age, and in a strange twist seemed older (more confident) in Farseekers than she did in Ashling. Elspeth - The Sending, by Threebirds Elspeth - The Sending, by Threebirds
Position: Farseeker Guildmistress.
Talents: Extreme range of talents. Farseeking, Coercing, Beastspeaking.
I would argue Teknoguilding with her ability to manipulate locks (inanimate objects, as Coercion is used to effect conscious beings).
Some futuretelling or Truedreaming ability, though this is vague and uncontrolled.
Has the power to heal her own body, bestowed upon her by Nerat the Agyllian, in Farseekers. Has a separate Talent of 'killing' that she's too scared to uncover properly.

The only Talent she doesn't seem to have a smidge of is Empathy.
Notes: 'Elspeth' is the Scottish varient of 'Elizabeth', a name of Greek origin meaning 'devoted to God'. This name meaning is also true for the name 'Isobelle', suggesting that the main character of O-Chron is Isobelle herself.
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