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Jes is Elspeth's older brother, and an orphan of Kinraide Orphanhome.

He is first mentioned by Rosamunde during the first chapter of Obernewtyn, when she joins Elspeth at their midmeal break, and first appears at the very end of the first chapter, wearing a (new) beaten gold armband of a Herder's assistant.

Jes is quite a torn character for the moments we do see of him. It is clear that he is driven and ambitious - he wants to succeed in life, and will go to whatever lengths he can to do so. But it is also clear that he cares for what is left of his family - his initial plan being to leave the orphanhome system, when he was old enough, and then petition to have Elspeth with him.

He is the only person at the start of the novel who knows the truth about Elspeth's abilities. He says it is his sin, that he does not denounce her (though, Elspeth furiously insists the true reason he doesn't denounce her is because it would ruin his chances at getting admitted into the Herder Faction).
He is also in a relationship with Rosamunde, and appears to have been for some time before the book begins.

When Jes finds out that Elspeth has been assigned to serve the visiting Obernewtyn Headkeeper Madam Vega tea, he cautions her, and tries to comfort her at the same time:

"His eyes softened, and to my surprise, he took one of his hands in mine and squeezed it reassuringly. 'She can't possibly know what you are unless she is like you.'" pp 33-34, 1993 edition Obernewtyn

After Elspeth's meeting and revelation with Madam Vega, it is Jes who Elspeth runs through the orphanhome trying to find (and eventually, does, though she encounters Rosamunde first). Jes, referring to Elspeth for the first time in the novel as "Elf", is clearly worried and scared by his sister's looming denouncement as a Misfit. He lies to Rosamunde about Elspeth's abilities, telling her that some tainted water that she fell into, on the journey to Silent Vale, caused her to start having dreams.

When Elspeth is declared Misfit, and held in a cell the night before her journey to the Sutrium Councilcourt, Jes visits her for what ends up being the last time we will see him in the Chronicles. In his visit, he begs Elspeth to forgive him and insists it wasn't he who told them she fell into tainted water. Elspeth knows this, of course, having coerced Rosamunde to denounce her, in an effort to save both she and her brother from being taken.

(Elspeth) "'It's better that they think I am only a Dreamer and not a born Misfit...'" p44 1993 edition Obernewtyn

His final words to Elspeth are, "I will help you, I promise". Moments later, after Elspeth flings a final hug around his shoulders and tells him not to be scared, they are parted.

It is much later, in chapter 20, that we learn of what befell Jes and Rosamunde, after Elspeth left the orphanhome. We find out from Rosamunde herself, who has been sent to Obernewtyn after what occurred, for having been known to associate with Jes.

It turned out that Jes was also a Misfit.

(Rosamunde) "He could do it too. Read my mind. But he promised not to." p168 1993 edition Obernewtyn

Rosamunde tells Elspeth what happened, just so she will leave her alone. Things had been better, after Elspeth had left, but then a boy turned up at the orphanhome (named as Harald in the 2008 Random House edition of Obernewtyn, but previously unnamed). It was this boy who showed Jes what his talents could do, and they banded together a small group of other Talented people at the orphanhome to plan an escape.
Something goes wrong on the night of the escape, however - someone betrays them to the Soldierguards. All of them are killed, and Jes is wounded by an arrow.
Rosamunde watched, as a Soldierguard stood over Jes. Jes then did something to the Soldierguard's mind, and the guard fell down dead. When another Soldierguard fell down screaming, presumably from Jes' ability, a third Soldierguard shoots and kills him.

It has been speculated for a while, that Jes might not be dead - see, "Jes...might be alive! straight from IC"
Age: sixteen in Obernewtyn
Talents: It's never confirmed. Rosamunde says he can read her mind; so this indicates Farseeking abilities. Killing the Soldierguards indicates anything from strong Coercive ability, to killing power, the same as Elspeth's.
Notes: The name 'Jes' is from the English 'Jess' meaning 'gift'.
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