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Description: Is mentioned in Ashling. At the time, the character is suspected to be a Beforetimer, mentioned in the dream-sequence where Emma is present.

In The Stone Key, it is revealed that INES is a computer program, and Elspeth has encounters with her (it) in the hidden Library near Aborium. INES has a female voice, and is thus referred to (to Elspeth's disturbance) as "she", instead of "it".

Dell and a couple of other Obernewtyn-ers are permanently based at this hidden library, and Dell herself forms a connection to the computer program, and works on decoding INES' secrets (despite being a Futureteller, and not a Teknoguilder).
Dell unearths that their INES is one of many similar INES programs, that was disconnected from the global INES network for some reason. Dell is yet to find the password that will reconnect INES to the network. There are many other levels of INES' security systems and hidden locations that Dell is yet to decode or gain access to.

INES is more than just a computer program, in the conventional sense of a computer program. She (it!) looks after all requests vocally made by anyone within her complex - from lift operation to general knowledge. Any vocal request, made anywhere within the complex, is heard and responded to by INES.
Notes: The name 'Ines' is of Greek origin meaning 'king, innocent'. Also derived from an Irish name 'Innes' meaning 'from the river island'.
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