Larkin, Louis

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Description: A strange old codger who in Obernewtyn seemed to be the source of outside-Obernewtyn information (as long as it contained some conspiracy). He remembers the first Master of Obernewtyn, and spent his whole life there.
In Farseekers he aligned to the Beastspeaking Guild, though there's never any evidence he had a talent. He accompanied Elspeth and co. on the first part of the journey to find Dragon.
Also hung around with the Teknoguild in The Keeping Place, interested in the dives under Tor.
Notes: 'Louis' is a French name meaning 'famous in war'. 'Larkin' is an English surname derived from 'Laurence', meaning 'of Laurentum' (a city in Italy) but it's more likely that 'Larkin' is derived from the English name 'Lark' meaning 'songbird'.
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