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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Arwen.

Lina was considered by both Elspeth and Ceirwan to be capable of getting into mischief, along with Zarak in the Beastspeaking guild (p9, 2007 The Farseekers). She is convinced that Obernewtyn “must be riddled with passages and was forever to be found tapping the walls and listening for telltale hollowness” (p11, 2007 The Farseekers).

She was with Zarak when he first made contact with Jik, and went with him to tell Elspeth of the encounter, and ended up telling Elspeth half of what happened herself (p35, 2007 The Farseekers). At the end of The Farseekers she dances with Dameon (p304, 2007).

At some point prior to Elspeth being in Sutrium in Ashling, Lina picked berries with her and Zarak, their laughter upsetting Maruman (p162, 2007 Ashling). Lina and Zarak had been “bonded in spirit as children”, and Elspeth believes this bonding become formal as they grew older (p162, 2007 Ashling).

Maryon believes that Lina would think the dreamtrails would be another tunnel to explore; she does not however have the capacity to reach them (p69, 2007 The Keeping Place). Lina and Zarak overhead Elspeth and Rushton discussing Aras and the Farseeker wardship while they were in one of the tunnels.

Early in The Keeping Place she is evidently still adventurous and mischievous, as when she has gone riding with some of the younger Beastspeakers and the Sadorians, Alad believes they will be lucky to be back by nightfall (p128, 2007 TKP).

She is described as “copper-haired” with a “quirky smile” (p174, 2007 TKP). She has a younger sister with slight farseeking Talent named Twyna (p276, 2007 TKP).

When discussing options about what to do to avoid a siege she suggests that they simply not be in the mountains, because then they would not be found. Elspeth considers her words while others point out the flaws. During the rebellion while Zarak is away, she asks Elspeth if she has been in touch with him. Her words indicate that she does not feel frightened at the task at hand, acting as bait to lead the soldierguards into a trap (p551, 2007 TKP). She is the first to venture down the steep track to the cul-de-sac. When Malik does not reveal himself she demands that he show himself, while she stands beside Elspeth. After Swallow and the gypsies help the Misfits, Lina tends to the wounded horses.

When Elspeth and the others are about to ride to Sutrium, Lina demanded to go with them, and Elspeth realised she was almost a woman, whose courage was undeniable and “deserved its due” (p588, 2007 TKP). When Zarak learnt that Lina was in Sutrium he got excited and was sent to help her gather those who would return to Obernewtyn (p609, 2007 TKP).
Age: Probably the same age as Zarak, maybe three or four years younger than Elspeth.
Position: Beastspeaking guild member.
Talents: Beastspeaking
Notes: 'Lina' is a name of Greek origin meaning 'light'. Also of Arabic origins meaning 'tender' or 'palm tree'.
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