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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Arwen.

Maire is described as “an extraordinarily ugly crone” who is tiny, with darker skin than Swallow, with snow white hair hanging to her waist and “black penetrating eyes” (p186, 2007 Ashling). Her gypsy rig is elaborately carved. When Elspeth first met her she reminded her of Louis Larkin, “kindess hidden behind a shield of irascible carping” (p187, 2007 Ashling).

She is a skilled herb lorist, with a box of potions, a battered box of woven reeds, and treats Elspeth’s whipped back. As a Twentyfamilies gypsy she easily identified that Elspeth was not a gypsy. Iriny is precious to her and she was greatly relieved to learn she lived. In order to help Elspeth bring Iriny to them, Maire gives Elspeth some Twentyfamilies clothes, and when she brings Iriny, Maire hugs her in gratitude.

She calls both Elspeth and Swallow fools over the Twentyfamilies tattoo. According to Swallow “the cure is worse than the ill when Maire is displeased” (p261, 2007 Ashling). She is outraged when she thinks that Swallow mocks the ancient promises and shocked when he tells her that Elspeth is part of them.

Maire’s daughter bonded with Swallow’s father the D’rekta; Iriny’s mother was Maire’s daughter’s cousin. She wrinkles her nose when Elspeth connects her to Swallow as his grandmother. She considers Iriny to be an angel and scolds Swallow for speaking ill of her (p265, 2007 Ashling).

When Maire next meets Elspeth she is friendlier, and thinks that Elspeth is either ill or thinking about Rushton. Like all Twentyfamilies she does not dwell in buildings, and after aiding the Misfits in the White Valley they camp there. Maire helped to heal the people wounded as a result of Malik’s treachery; Swallow was going to have her look at Angina (p575, 2007 The Keeping Place). She wants Swallow to bond to fulfill his duty as D’rekta.
Age: Grandmother.
Position: Twentyfamilies Gypsy, mother-in-law to Swallow’s father, grandmother of Swallow and Iriny.
Talents: Skilled herb lorist, Twentyfamilies gift of aura reading to see if someone is lying or ill.
Notes: 'Maire' is an Irish name, variant of 'Mary' meaning 'sea of bitterness'.
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