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Description: The Rebel Leader from Guanette who has plans for Rebellion-hence-Land domination and an acute hatred for Misfits.
In Ashling, it was Malik's people who the Obernewtyn-ers pitted against in the Battlegames. In The Keeping Place, he has lost a little respect in the Sadorian's eyes due to the way he handled the Battlegames. He took to wearing a demon-band to stop any Misfit from reading him, so they had no choice but to trust him as a sworn ally.
Malik set up a trap at the end of The Keeping Place that would have killed Elspeth and co. if not for the intervention of the Gypsies.

"Malik wants us dead. He wants us wiped out as abominations against nature. If it's known we're leaving the Land, he will come after us." - Miryum, The Keeping Place, p 342
Notes: 'Malik' is a name of Arabic origin meaning 'master; angel; king'.
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