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Description: Matthew was Farseeker Ward until his being taken by Slavers in Ashling. One of the 'scooby squad' in Obernewtyn - made first contact with Elspeth, becoming the first human Elspeth knew who had Talent other than herself. Matthew was prone to believe conspiracy and had a love of being the hero and stories of the Beforetime in Obernewtyn, and also had a small relationship with Cameo. Accompanied the co. on the Journey to find Dragon in Farseekers, but was sent back to Obernewtyn before the others escaped the Druid Encampment. He was tactless and intolerant of Dragon in Ashling. At the end of Ashling, he agreed to take part in a plan to catch Salamander, which went horribly wrong and ended with him being lead aboard the Herder ship The Calor Lady and across to...who knew where...? In The Keeping Place, induced by Dragon, many at Obernewtyn dream of Matthew in the Land of the Red Queen; Dragon's homeland. Elspeth also saw him planning rebellion with Gilaine in a dream so he's definitely still alive. Matthew, by Threebirds Matthew, by Threebirds
Position: Former Farseeker Ward
Talents: Farseeking,
Can also let Elspeth 'use his eyes'.
Notes: 'Matthew' is a name of Hebrew origins meaning 'gift from God'.
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