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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Arwen.

Merret first appears in the Obernewtyn Chronicles in The Farseekers when she selects her guild. There is much surprise when she chooses the Coercer guild as her mother is a healer. Merret’s next appearance is in The Keeping Place (pg 50) when she is serving in the kitchen. Miky asks her if she can go over to the Empath guild hall after nightmeal. Elspeth asks if she is one of Gevan’s magi, wondering why she has not become one of Miryum’s coercer knights because her aggression and skill in martial arts was legendary and she consistently won the contests staged during Obernewtyn’s moon fair.

She shares Hannay’s view that the knights’ aim does not go deep enough and that children’s minds are far more receptive. During the moonfair the magi perform. Merret plays Gevan’s “clumsy” assistant and voices the fears landfolk may have about the magi using black arts. She pretends to faint when Gevan disappears and is dragged offstage. Elspeth and Gevan both enjoy her performing (TKP, pg 307).

She came up with the idea of the rebel meeting with Elspeth in The Keeping Place taking place in Sawlney where the magi were to perform for a bonding ceremony, so that Gevan can accompany Elspeth to the meeting (TKP, pg 370).

She tells Elspeth of a place on the west coast where stone-carvers were trained (TKP, pg 441).

Merret leads the magi as a performing troupe and will shed Talents for the rebellion along the way to Serba’s group in Port Oran, which she would join. She would farseek to Orys and Kader in the Beforetime ruins. Zidon had offered to carry her.

When Serba escapes the on the Night of Blood she is separated from Merret and Blyss who did not meet back up with her after separating to farseek Orys.

Someone dreams of her and Blyss waiting outside a city for a messenger from Gwynedd (The Stone Key, pg 211).

Elspeth contacts her from Stonehill and tells her of what has transpired. She rides to Halfmoon Bay with Orys and Blyss to escort Elspeth and Domick to the ruins. Merret and the other stranded Misfits have been working with Gwynedd who leads the rebellion.

When Elspeth leaves on the Umborine for Norseland, Merret is working with Serba to coordinate the taking of the westland cloisters and the Hedra. Blyss will not go anywhere without her.
Age: Undetermined, though young; perhaps Elspeth’s age.
Position: Second mage to Gevan. Takes a leading role in the Misfits’ isolation on the west coast, working closely with Gwynedd.
Talents: Powerful coercer with beastspeaking Talent.
Notes: 'Merret' probably derived from the old English name 'Merritt', meaning 'boundary gate'.
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