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Noha is a minor character in the Obernewtyn Chronicles. He is a member of the empath guild. He is also a musician. The only mention of Noha is in The Keeping Place, on page 513 (Penguin, 2007 edition). Noha, along with Rhianon and Zarak, is sent to Sutrium to help the rebel group led by Bodera during the rebellion. Being in Bodera’s group Noha would not have had to worry about being tormented as some of the other Empaths were. The presumably lack of use of ‘demon bands’ would have made his position an easy one.
Age: Noha’s age is not mentioned but we can speculate that he is relatively new to Obernewtyn as Kella has to be reminded of who he is.
Position: Noha held no position in the OC. As a minor character his name is only mentioned twice within two paragraphs of TKP.
Talents: Noha is an empath and musician. This combination suggests that he would be able to empathise through his music.
Notes: 'Noha' derived from the Hebrew 'Noah' meaning 'rest, comfort'.
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