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Rori is a minor charcter in the Obernewtyn Chronicles. She is a Beastpeaking guild candidate with equal coercive ability. We are introduced to this character on page 358 of The Keeping Place (Penguin 2007 edition), when she startles Elspeth by ‘blundering’ against Elf’s mindshield after finding one of Rushton’s message birds dead in a field. Not being able to find Alad she has used her coercive talent to locate Elspeth. She explains to Elspeth that the bird’s message is not from Rushton but about him. “It says he’ll die if...” (page 358).

Rori meets Elspeth and Alad at the gate to the maze “...looking frightened and apprehensive.” (page 360) and is sent by Alad to ‘find his ward’.
Age: Rori is described as a ‘young girl’ which would put her at somewhere between 10 and 16 but the fact that she was working with some ‘younger’ misfits she would probably be closer to 16.
Position: Rori is working on the farms.
Talents: Beastspeaking and Coercion. Rori has equally strong abilities in both talents but is ‘yet to explore’ her coercive talent.
Notes: 'Rori' from the Irish 'Rory', anglicised form of 'Ruaidhri' meaning 'red king'.
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