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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Arwen. Rosamunde's first appearance in the Obernewtyn Chronicles was in Obernewtyn at the time Elspeth was at Kinraide orphanage. On a trip through the Weirwoods to get whitestick the impression is given that should there be anyone Elspeth might call friend should she wish, it would be Rosamunde. When it looks as if Elspeth is going to be taken to Obernewtyn, to protect her brother, Elspeth coerces Rosamunde to denounce her, claiming that when Elspeth feel into the stream going to the Silent Vale, that it was tainted, and she turned into a dreamer. Rosamunde and Jes (Elspeth's brother) were in love with each other, up until the point Jes got killed by the soldierguards. Rosamunde was sent to Obernewtyn several months after Elspeth (p162, 2007 Obernewtyn) for safekeeping by the Herders in case they wanted to question her further about Jes and his friends. It is Rosamunde who tells Elspeth of Jes’ Talent and death, an event that has turned her bitter. Rosamunde does not reappear in the books until The Keeping Place (p242, 2007 TKP). She had elected to remain at Obernewtyn when Rushton took over, despite being unTalented. At first she worked in the kitchens but then she moved to dwell in the Futureteller Guild rooms. A Futureteller/Beastspeaker named Valda was paying court to her the in TKP, though Rosamunde had shown him no feelings, neither for him or against him. She is still bitter towards Elspeth, hostile even, and Elspeth theorises that the reason might be because Rosmaunde sees Jes in her and it pains her, or because of Elspeth’s meddling with her mind at Kinraide. (p242, 2007 TKP) Elspeth describes Rosamunde as a 'plain, sensitive-looking girl, pale as most orphans were, with a mop of brown curls' (p35, 2007 Obernewtyn). She was also talkative as Elspeth positioned herself close to Elii on the trip to the Silent Vale (p8, 2007 Obernewtyn)
Age: Her age is unsure, though we can speculate that she is somewhere around Elspeth’s age, between 13 and 16.
Position: Rosamunde is an orphan who currently works in the futureteller rooms, serving Maryon. (see name list in TSK)
Talents: Rosamunde is unTalented, remaining at Obernewtyn for no known reason other that that she has no place to go.
Notes: ‘Rosamunde’, from Germany, meaning ‘famous defender’ also, 'Rosamunde' from the English 'Rosamund' meaning 'horse protection'.
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