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Seely is introduced on page 322 of The Keeping Place (Penguin 2007 edition), discovered by Rasial, Faraf and Elspeth hiding in a dead tree with Gavyn. An Untalent, Seely has shown her courage by protecting Gavyn on a trip from the West Coast to the Highlands to escape from Gavyn’s stepmother and stepbrother. Elspeth estimates her age to be around 12 and presumes that because of the ‘...delicate cast to her face and frame...’ (page 322) Seely belongs to a moneyed family.

Having lost her parents at a young age, Seely had been adopted by distant relatives who treated her as a maid until their youngest daughter married a councilman. Seely went with the daughter and enjoyed a good life until the girl died giving birth to Gavyn. Seely then became Gavyn’s nurse. When Gavyn’s father remarried a woman with a herder son, Seely was scared as Gavyn was already showing signs of being a misfit. After Gavyn’s father died, Seely overheard Lady Slawyna and her herder son talking of having Gavyn tested and knew she had to get them away.

Seely and Gavyn accompany Elspeth to Obernewtyn where Seely is asked to allow coercers to read her mind as Tomash and Wila ask her questions. She is reluctant at first as she had been hurt in the past by Gavyn’s coercive intrusions. Zarak reassures her and she agrees. ‘Most of Seely’s memories revolve around the West Coast...’ (page 375), the memories give good insight into the West Coast council and show unofficial meetings between soldierguards and herders.

Seely becomes interested in the work of the Teknoguilders and begins to spend most of her time at the caves. When the misfits disperse to the Rebel groups, Seely asks to be included in the group going to the Beforetime library on the west Coast.
Age: Elspeth estimates Seely to be about twelve but the fact that she develops a relationship with Jak in The Stone Key suggests that she is older than this.
Position: Seely has no position in the series.
Talents: Seely is an Untalent who finds acceptance among the Teknoguilders.
Notes: 'Seely' is an English name meaning 'from the happy meadow'.
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