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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Arwen.

Selmar woke Elspeth the morning after she arrived. She told Elspeth that she had come to warn her about ‘them’. When asked who she is, she said she is nothing anymore (Obernewtyn, page 66). She said she is not an orphan, but she is a Misfit. Elspeth discovered that her mind is a charred wreckage; that she is on the brink of madness, but that Selmar was also someone she could have liked. She panicked when she felt Elspeth in her mind and pleaded that she didn’t know anything. She was afraid of Ariel and Alexi.

She slept in the same room as Elspeth, had more freedom than others and often didn’t go to her bed at all. Once when she runs into Elspeth she acts as if she’s been hurt and thinks Elspeth means to hurt her. When Elspeth mentions Ariel’s name she screams. Rushton comes along and calms her tenderly.

Louis Larkin described her as once being the hope of Obernewtyn (Obernewtyn, page 109).

She attempted to escape with the Norselander twins, but was apparently not caught at the same time as them. When Elspeth heard that she asked Louis about her, but he would not answer and flew into a rage. Ariel was the one who went after Selmar. Louis told Elspeth later that Selmar had not escaped but was probably being treated again. Elspeth realises that Selmar’s mind was destroyed by the treatments.

When Elspeth saw Selmar next she looked like a walking corpse. She had been led in to the hall by Ariel, and just sat and stared blankly (Obernewtyn, page 154). The second night that Elspeth broke into the Doctor’s chamber Selmar came in from outside with Madam Vega, Ariel and Alexi. Alexi openly admitted to having ruined Selmar, in search of a map to weaponmachines.

Selmar tried to escape again, but Ariel shot her so she couldn’t run and set his wolves loose, resulting in her death.

Rushton later tells Elspeth that Selmar had a hunger to know everything, whatever the cost (Obernewtyn, page 196). Selmar had once told Rushton and his friends that she had been taken away from Obernewtyn to a cave.
Age: Some years younger than Elspeth.
Position: Misfit at Obernewtyn before Elspeth arrived; once considered the hope of Obernewtyn, before her mind was destroyed by Alexi.
Talents: Possibly farseeking as she could apparently talk to people in their minds.
Notes: The name 'Selmar' may have been derived from the Celtic 'Selma' meaning 'comely', or the Egyptian 'Selma' meaning 'secure', or from the German/Dutch/Spanish/Italian name 'Anselma' meaning 'God's helmet/protection'.
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