Seraphim, Rushton

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Description: Rushton was sent to Obernewtyn by his mother, sure that Michael Seraphim would recognise him, but Michael had died (pre-Obernewtyn). Rushton stayed on at Obernewtyn as the farm overseer, until he took back his title at the end of Obernewtyn. Had been 'plagued' by his love for Elspeth since he first saw her. Mourned Elspeth's 'death' in Farseekers, and revealed his feelings for her in Ashling after the Battlegames, which he took part in. Disappeared for a time in The Keeping Place, having been captured by the Herder Faction (that Domick had something to do with) and woke mad and tormented, trapped in Dragon's dreams of her past as a large bear. Regained his sanity after Dragon woke, but was a little stand-offish to Elspeth... Rushton - First Impressions Revisited, by Threebirds Rushton - First Impressions Revisited, by Threebirds
Age: About 19 years old in Obernewtyn
Position: Third Master of Obernewtyn.
Talents: he has a latent talent, possibly enhancing.
Notes: 'Rushton' is a Lancashire surname. Coat of Arms is gold with a black lion and a red stripe at the top and crest is a lion. Family motto: 'have patience and endure'.
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