Vega, Madam

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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Arwen. Madam Vega was beautiful in appearance, her form petite and fashionably attired with a sweet voice and gentle manners when Elspeth first met her. When they met again at Obernewtyn however, her eyes were cold and calculating, and her lips did not look like they smiled much (p140). Her eyes were blue, described by Elspeth as being like the summer sky (p31, 2007 Obernewtyn), and Elspeth was taken in by them, as if there were something hypnotic in them. She was introduced to the orphans as being Obernewtyn's head keeper, and she travelled the Land in search of Misfits to take to Obernewtyn to 'help' them, a cover for her and Alexi's search for a Misfit with Talents such as Elspeth's. When Vega returns from the Lowlands, Cameo begins receiving 'treatments'. When she talks to Elspeth she seems angry that she was mistaken about Elspeth, now thinking her to be a dreamer, and asks Elspeth to look out for Misfits who are different, faking tears in the process. One of her outfits is a satin dress (p142). Vega and Alexi, with Ariel were searching for a Talented Misfit to use to find Marisa Seraphim's map to the [url]. They want the weaponmachines to have power over the Council. When Alexi discovers Rushton is helping Elspeth he orders Vega to get a knife to him Rushton. As Vega is about to kill Rushton, Elspeth kills her with her dark power. There may have been something between Alexi and her but it was never embellished. Madam Vega Costume Design, by Threebirds Madam Vega Costume Design, by Threebirds
Age: Unknown.
Position: Head Keeper/Head Guardian of Obernewtyn
Talents: Her exact Talents are unknown, but she seemed to have a hypnotic power, and perhaps something else.
Notes: 'Vega' is a Latin name that means 'falling star'. The star 'Vega' can be found in the constellation 'Lyra'.
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