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Description: A Farseeker guilder, made co-Ward with Aras in The Keeping Place after Matthew was taken by slavers.
He was once a member of the Beastspeaking Guild like his father, Khuria, until he was switched to the Farseekers Guild at the end of Farseekers.
Zarak finds Jik accidentally in Farseekers after a prank with Lina (who constantly gets him into trouble).
He's rude and proud in The Keeping Place, believing that he deserves to be Ward, because he's such a good Farseeker.
Elspeth was hesitant to give him responsibility on these grounds and also because he reminded her of Matthew.
Called 'Zar' by Miky.
Travelled with Rhianon and Noha in The Keeping Place to help Bodera of Sutrium in the Rebellion.
Position: Farseeker Ward (The Keeping Place)
Talents: farseeking
Notes: 'Zarak' possibly derived from the Greek 'Zarek', meaning 'God protect the king'.
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