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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Deb.

A Sadorian shipwoman who is in charge of ship boat that takes Elspeth, Gwynedd and the others to Uttecove on Norseland. There is no physical description of her.
Andorra goes with Elspeth, Jak, Gilbert and Hakim to Ariel’s residence to help search for the plague seeds. She identifies the sand cats on women’s clothing in the residence. She gives first aid to Jak and Hakim after an explosion caused by a booby trapped trap door leading to a beforetime missile silo.
Entering the silo first she climbs down a long ladder to a walkway but is too scared to enter the corridor leading to the rooms. She goes to see if there are any other doorways off the walkway and is knocked out by Rushton and later found by Brydda.
Age: As a sailor she would be in the prime of life.
Position: Sadorian shipwoman on the Umborine.
Talents: No talent as such but is obviously a good sailor.
Notes: Andorra is the name of a country.
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