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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Arwen.

Wenda is Councilman Noviny’s granddaughter. She is a healer, though not a Misfit and she tends Darius whilst he is in Saithwold. She uses herb lore. Her grandfather did not tell her what he had heard and seen regarding Malik and his plans (The Stone Key, page 97). Wenda does the shopping for her household once every sevenday. She lent Elspeth a skirt and shirt, and went with her into town.

Wenda is described as a peaceful companion and was touched by Gahltha’s devotion to Elspeth (TSK, page 113). Wenda knew that her grandfather kept a secret, and she hoped that Elspeth could help him since he had told her it. She moves gracefully, and does not feel awkward in a skirt like Elspeth does.

When Elspeth is ‘forced’ to go and see Vos, Wenda protests against it, insisting Elspeth be allowed to return with her, then she decided she would accompany Elspeth when Kevrik did not change his mind. Elspeth had to coerce her to leave without her (TSK, page 121).

Wenda was taken prisoner by Vos along with Noviny, Khuria, Darius, Zarak and the horses. The rest of the animals, two maidservants and a man were killed. Elspeth and Kevrik release Wenda and the others, sending them back to the carriage, and from there to the abandoned cloister. Whilst there she continued to tend to Darius, whose condition had grown worse. She gave Dameon some salve to ease his saddle sore.
Age: Unknown, described as a young woman (The Stone Key, page 92).
Position: Granddaughter of Councilman Noviny.
Talents: Not a Misfit, however she is a skilled herb lorist.
Notes: “Wenda” from English meaning “white wave” or “comely”.
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