City under Tor / Newrome

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Description: City under Tor, NewromeA submerged Beforetime city, swallowed by the mountain Tor in the Age of Chaos (or possibly intentionally built under the mountain for security reasons), discovered in Farseekers by Elspeth and co. after their escape from the Druid Encampment. 'Our wonder at this sea under the mountain dissolved into greater amazement as we drew near to what we had taken as immense rocky mounds rising from the water..."This is a Beforetime city," he (Pavo) whispered reverently...The shapes were too smooth and square to be rocks, but the height of them astounded me. These, then, were the skyscrapers of the legends...Many of the smooth facades were crumbled, revealing the great black steel frames inside them, like the bones of some mouldering animal...' - Farseekers, p 138 City under the mountain, by Estel City under the mountain, by Estel In Ashling the Teknoguild finds out that within this city are the remains of the Reichler Clinic reception area, a base set up to provide the Govamen with misinformation, a place where new paranormals were tested minutely and spirited to the real Reichler Clinic (near Obernewtyn) if they had Talent. The Teknoguild of Obernewtyn start diving under the water in The Keeping Place, in a hope to gain access to the basements of this building and obtain Hannah Seraphim's journals. It was revealed in The Stone Key that the city under Tor's name in the Beforetime was Newrome; this was discovered by the teknoguilders, who have set up a permanent base (which is largely unfinished) just outside the cave. Newrome is a place also mentioned by Cassy Duprey in a few dreamtrail scenes.
Notes: While the city under Tor was called Newrome in the Beforetime, it is unlikely that it was situated on top of our modern Rome; and more likely a settlement created in the future, and named for the Italian capital, similar to New Holland, New York, etc.
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