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Description: ObernewtynNamed after the estate owner Jacob Obernewtyn. The Obernewtyn of the O-Chron was rebuilt over ruins of the original Obernewtyn by Lukas Seraphim. Obernewtyn estate consists of vast farmlands, a number of buildings including the main fortress, a courtyard, a maze, and the Cave of Zebkrahn. Obernewtyn is riddled with hidden passages, said to be built to mirror Lukas Seraphim's mind: perverse, sombre, complicated and unfathomable. 'It was a massive construction and outwardly more like a series of buildings that one single mansion. It was constructed of large rough-hewn blocks of grey stone streaked with flecks of darker stone. There was no grace in the outline and no effort had been made to make one section harmonize with the rest. In some places it was two and three storeys high, each wall pocked with hundreds of slit-like holes that must serve as windows...As we drew closer to the only obvious entrance, I noticed a tall pole rising from an ugly fountain set a few spans from the steps...And there was an atmosphere about the place, for all its sprawling ugliness. It was a grim, grey place with an oddly secretive look...' - Obernewtyn, pp68-9. Obernewtyn, by Estel Obernewtyn, by Estel
Landmarks: Farms
Greenthorn maze
Farseeker Wing
Healer Hall
Teknoguild Caves
Notes: Isobelle explained at BWF 2000 where the name 'Obernewtyn' came from. 'Over', meaning 'more advanced than', and 'Newton' as in Sir Isaac Newton, the British philosopher and mathematician. Isobelle combined the two for Jacob's surname,'European-ising' it to form 'Obernewtyn'.
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