Ruins and Hidden Library

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Description: Ruins and Hidden Library ObernewtynThe ruins of a Beforetime city, situated between Murmroth and Aborium, on the fringes of the Blacklands. Thought by Landfolk to be inhabited by ghosts. 'Up close, they were in far worse condition than the ruinous buildings we had seen under Tor. Here the walls rose only slightly above our heads, the stone cracked and grown over with a weedy beard of green scrub and moss. The faint moonlight gave the buildings an intangible look, as if they were a mirage that might dissolve any second...' - Farseekers, p197. In The Stone Key, Elspeth visited the small band of Obernewtyn misfits who visited the Beforetime Ruins at the end of The Keeping Place, and discovered that Dell, Jak, and the other inhabitants had made the place their home, opening many more previously locked levels of the Library complex, and re-activating the in-house computer system called INES.
Landmarks: The Library: air-locked until Farseekers, built like a secret fortress. A 'Historical fortress' (a museum?) and a Great White / First Strike shelter for Beforetimers. Contains an advanced computer intelligence called INES.
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