Coercer Guild

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Description: The Guild at Obernewtyn consisting of those with dominant coercive Talent. Their self-devised charter was to protect Obernewtyn and they toned their bodies, learnt to fight and took up guard roles until after the Battlegames. When it was decided they should take a more pacifistic approach to their charter the guild split into two groups (unofficially); the Magi, and the Coercer Knights.
Guildmembers: Guildmaster: Gevan
Guilden: Miryum
Ward: Domick (ex)
Members: Hannay, Hari, Harwood, Kally, Linnet, Merrett, Orys, Rhianon
Added in TSK: Aben

Taril is named in the index of TSK but does not appear in the text.
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