Coercer Knights

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Description: An offshoot from the Coercer Guild of Obernewtyn, lead by Miryum the Coercer Guilden, consists of about ten members. Miryum devised their charter based on a book she read about knights of the Beforetime, who lived by the code of ethics called chivalry. Coercer Knights wear black cloths around their necks that double as masks when on duty, and patrol the Highlands, doing good deeds (but creating some very unwanted attention in the Highlands). The Landfolk believe the knights to be followers of Henry Druid.
Guildmembers: Leader: Miryum
Members: Harwood, Linnet, Orys, Straaka
Added in TSK: Asra, Colwyn, Geratty, Hilder, Kally, Ode, Sover, Tomrick, Veril, Yarrow
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