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Saloum is a minor character, who makes only a few brief appearances in Darksong. He is a body servitor to Tarsin, a position appointed for life. He serves Tarsin and is trained to protect him; he clearly loves Tarsin and mourns his mental degeneration. When Glynn was presented at Kerd's and Unys's betrothal, Tarsin saw the state that Kalide's interrogation had left her in, and had Saloum take her to his apartment. Glynn confided in Saloum because she sensed his integrity.

Saloum helped her to escape from Tarsin's apartment, giving her directions to Alene's suite, but instead sending her to Coralyn. Glynn realised that Coralyn must have threatened Tarsin, and in acting as he did Saloum was doing what he must do above all else, and protecting his Holder.

Described as being slight of build, but Glynn notes that he has an oiled smoothness to his movements that she has only seen in the most skilful opponents. (Darksong, p. 717)
Age: Described as "the older man" by Glynn. (Darksong, p. 718)
Position: One of Tarsin's body servitors.
Notes: His name may come from Shalom (sha-LOM) which means "peace" in Hebrew.

It may also be related to Saleem/Salim (sa-LEEM), which means "peaceful" or "protected", and can also mean "safe", derived from Arabic سلم (salima) "to be safe".
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