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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Arwen.

Matthew nicknamed him Sly Willie because he was an informant for Madam Vega. He questioned Daffyd’s uncle to find out where he was from and why he’d come to Obernewtyn. Willie seems to have some skill at repairing things, for Ariel had asked him and Matthew to repair some stairs. He returned to the kitchen later to take Elspeth to see Vega, and also returned later to escort her back (p140, 2007 Obernewtyn).

Willie told Matthew that Selmar was back after have disappeared, and that there was a new defective Misfit, who turned out to be Rosamunde. He is mistrusted, Matthew, Elspeth and Dameon reluctant to talk around him, and Elspeth is hesitant to trust his information.

It is unknown what happened to Willie after Rushton took over as Master of Obernewtyn, however it seems unlikely, given his informant relationship with Vega, that he would have been invited to attend the meeting where Rushton told the Misfits of his plans.
Age: Possibly the same age as Elspeth.
Position: Misfit, an informant for Madam Vega.
Talents: Unknown.
Notes: 'Willie' is pet form of English 'William' meaning 'desire helmet/protection'.
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