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Description: Character Profile created, owned, and updated by Zieria. The male nurse (whose name is not yet known) originally intended to work in general hospitals, expecting them to be full of blood and pain and need, and unsure if he would be strong enough for it, but then he had a training stint in the terminal unit and found that it was the hardest to bear. Seeing Ember's empty eyes and realising that she had given up on life made him see that 'This was where healing was most truly needed. Not the miraculous restoral of life to those who must die, but the healing of that grey hopelessness; that void.' (Darkfall, p 493). He felt that he couldn't work anywhere else, so he left his job at the hospital and went to work at the hospice. The male nurse feels that life is about finding meaning and purpose, and giving something back: he cares. He has not yet found a way to heal that void, but he has hope. He seems to sense the truth of the nexus at the hospice, realising that it has its own laws of time: 'There was something about the hospice that made time seem less important. He often had the feeling when coming to work that he was entering a place where the normal laws of time did not operate.' (Darksong, p 707) He tells Sean his thought that the comatose patients are dreaming of their lives, a fact that Ronaall confirms to the reader. His sister has told him he is so vague that he should have a break from his job: 'there is more to life than that waiting room for a morgue where you work.' (Darksong, p 708) Memorable quotes: 'What a strange place this is with sick shadows and sleeping princes and battered angels ... Not like a real place at all but like a sort of storage room for life where things wait and also are discarded.' (Darksong, p 738) Family: Has a sister. Other family unknown. Location: Earth Physical description: Described as having very kind eyes, deeply shadowed with fatigue. (p 707, Darksong)
Age: Described as a young man (p 492, Darkfall); old enough to be working as a trained nurse.
Position: Works as a nurse in a hospice for the long-term care of terminal patients.
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