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Moonfair 2011 is here!

Wednesday 31 August 2011 - 23:59:00
moonfair_2011_open.jpg You step off the ship, the tall, dark cliffs rising either side of you, and your feet sink into the desert sands of Sador. You are greeted with the colourful tents, wafting fragrant smells, and clamour of activity around Templeport as an exciting thought settles across your mind, "Moonfair". You see four distinct groups of misfits gathering, the Ashlings' wing with their antelope motifs, the Dreamweavers breaking their fast with chocolate mousse, Mystics waving frypans around and chanting about glow worms, and the Wanderers milling about aimlessly with a few dual flush toilets littered amongst them. The tension is building, Moonfair: Battlegames Edition is about to begin!

[hr][/hr]Head over to the Moonfair 2011 site for all the competitions and check out the Moonfair 2011 message board for information, questions, and to take part in the forum competitions. Moonfair will run from September 1st to October 31st. So make sure you get in there, roll the dice, and have a go to earn lots of shiny points for your guild. You never know, your guild may just win the coveted Moonfair cup!

The 1st of September also means that it's Obernewtyn Awards time! Head over to the Awards thread and see if you won anything!