the_sending_isobelle_carmody_obernewtyn.jpg The reports are sparse, but there's been a few sightings (and purchases!) of The Sending in book stores around Australia today.
If you have pre-ordered The Sending, now is a good time to check if it's there, 4 days earlier than the Penguin release date of the 31st October.

[hr][/hr]So check about, and report back if you spot copies or have your pre-order fulfilled early in this thread!

Once you've finished reading, remember that we'll have to maintain a spoiler-free zone for a little while for members who haven't gotten a hold of the book. You can discuss the goings-on in The Sending in The Sending Spoiler Thread, though.

If you're outside of Australia, and wondering how to get a hold of The Sending, we have a little news.
- I heard from Random House (Isobelle's US publisher) this week, that The US edition of The Sending won't be available until July 2012 (and that this date is tentative). Full details in this thread.
- If you can't wait that long, you can purchase The Sending online in it's Penguin / Australian form, from several booksellers who ship internationally. Thus far we have QBD and Fishpond as confirmed international shippers.
- None of us are sure where the entries on Book Depository are coming from (the ones that say both The Sending and The Red Queen are due out in two weeks). Given the Random House release date of next year, and that the Book Depository entries look like those editions, this seems to be in error. We've tried contacting Book Depository this week to verify what editions they're selling, but haven't had a reply yet (but will update as soon as we get one!).

Happy reading everyone, and good luck tracking down your copy!


    11 years ago

    I ordered mine from the book depository like a year ago on pre-order. I was really disappointed when it came to October 31st and they took the money for the books and decided to then say it won't be out till next July at the earliest. I don't have the patience to argue with them over 10€. I am lucky enough to have an aunt who lives in Australia pick it up for me and post it to Ireland. Costing about 70$ for the book plus postage. I really wish that book depository would at least send their customers who had it on ore order an explanation.... Dare to dream I guess. How and ever I am looking forward to finishing. :)

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    11 years ago

    The key to finding the correct editions online or if living internationally is to get the ISBN from the penguin australia page and then search by that. By using that method I got the book from AmazonUK Marketplace at a fraction of the price I might otherwise have had to pay and in only 2 days. Hope this helps ;-)

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    11 years ago

    QBD also ship worldwide, many members have already ordered from them: ~Link~

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    11 years ago

    Hi sjandrews,

    You could order a copy from Dymocks, they do International deliveries
    The Sending ~Link~


    The Sending weighs just over 700g, so the delivery would be AU$40 for you.... plus $25 for the actual book.

    Hope that helps.

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    11 years ago

    Hi to anyone who can help me. I live in Victoria, Canada. All the major booksellers -,,, Book Depository (UK) Indie, are all saying that The Sending is only due out in July 2012.
    I have had an order in at since May last year. I called them and they say they can't help me.
    I tried creating an account at Borders AU but they will only accept an address in Australia.
    Does anyone know where I can order a copy?

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