isobelle_carmody_interview.jpg Posted with permission from the lovely Ms Rowena Cory-Daniells, we have a wonderful new Isobelle interview archived here on Obernet. In this interview, Isobelle and Rowena discuss inspiration, why write fantasy, and sources of creativity, to name a few topics.

..I have always found really desolate places visually appealing – sandy deserts, arctic , industrial wastelands. I suspect I am attracted them because there is less or no sign of humanity- no people or shops or signs. I remember looking at a film if beautiful. Somehow I am very attracted to wastelands- dumpsites, nuclear drop zones like Chernobyl, end of the world scenarios with a touch of dystopia. The coast along the Great Ocean Road is beauty in its wild and savage and dangerous mode. And Prague is like a fairy tale with its cobbled twisty streets and buildings...

You can read the full interview here: Isobelle Interview by Rowena Cory-Daniells.


    11 years ago

    So many great quotes but I loved this in particular:

    "Either I like the character and get into the book, or I don’t."

    I'm the same, I won't finish a book if I don't find the characters interesting or accessible. Usually won't even get past the first chapter.

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