metro_winds_isobelle_carmody_2.jpg Isobelle posted another excerpt today on her blog post, Judging a Book by its Cover. The excerpt is from Metro Winds, a short story from her upcoming collection (also called Metro Winds).

[hr][/hr]Metro Winds will be published by Allen & Unwin in May 2012, and is Isobelle's first collection of short stories since Green Monkey Dreams (1996).
...So there was a girl. Young but not too young. A face as unformed as an egg, so that one could not tell if she would turn out to be fair or astonishingly ugly. She was to be sent to a city in another land by a mother and father in the midst of a divorce. The one thing they could agree upon was that the girl should not be exposed to the violence they meant to commit on their life. There was a quality in her that made it impossible to do the ravening that the end of love required...
Read the entire excerpt here: Metro Winds excerpt.