dreaming_again_anthology_isobelle_carmody.jpg The District of Wonders website have put up a podcast reading of Isobelle Carmody's short story, Perchance to Dream, which appeared in the Dreaming Again anthology in 2008.

Anna woke knowing she had been dreaming, but as so often with dreams, to wake was to forget. Strange to remember vividly that she had dreamed, yet to have no recollection of the dream. On the rare occasion that she did remember, the minute she tried to describe it, the dream would dissolve. Pinning a dream down was like trying to catch hold of a skein of smoke.
The full podcast also includes a reading of The Weather Cinema by Adam Browne, and can be listened to in full, here: Far Fetched Fables No 19 Isobelle Carmody and Adam Browne. Visit the Far Fetched Fables podcast website: Logo The podcast has been backed up for archiving purposes to our Sneak Peak & Excerpts section of the site (though, it has been edited so that it's only the Perchance to Dream reading, which is read by Canadian voice artist, Cynthia P. Colby), which you can access here: Perchance to Dream, short story by Isobelle Carmody.


    6 years ago

    I really enjoyed this, and it was a great narration! I do like that dreams are such a consistent theme in Isobelle's work, and the interconnectedness and meaning of them too. The story definitely picks up towards the end, so stay with it.

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