black_ship.jpg Many of you following Isobelle Carmody on Facebook would have already seen this, but for those who haven't: an Obernewtyn Chronicles fan recently posted on Isobelle's wall, asking for more details about the primary antagonist and slave master now that The Red Queen is over, and Isobelle has responded!

[hr][/hr]The question on Facebook was:
I've been super intrigued by the Ariel / Salamander relationship for a while now. It seems to me that they were together for almost a decade and used each other to solidify their own power. Just wondering if you had any plans to maybe write a short story or outline about their relationship? With out spoiling anything, after the red queen I have so many questions! I'd go nuts for any tidbits
And Isobelle replied with:
I do mean to explore their relationship further when I resolve dragon and matthew's story
We've been hearing rumours of a Matthew short story for years now, so it's interesting to hear a little more about what the story will contain! Isobelle Carmody teases an Obernewtyn Chronicles short story, starring Matthew and Dragon, and featuring more exploration of Salamander and Ariel's relationship